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Life in Hwaseong Dongtan as a Chungdahm April Teacher

Getting places (like the hotel for training for example)

on February 23, 2013

Hey all! So it’s the Saturday before training and I just wanted to talk about how I got to the hotel. I was staying at my friends place instead of coming straight from the airport. If you’re coming straight from the airport, please see my previous post for taxi info. 

This time, for travel, I took a regular yellow taxi that my friend and I found parked near by us. The driver spoke absolutely no English and was really surprised at the size of my luggage (yes, I had big luggage. 2 check-in bags and one duffel). I’m pretty sure he was asking me if I wanted a bigger taxi since all I heard was the word ‘prima’ (if that was what he actually said…). 

Tips for travelling anywhere by taxi:

  • If you can find out ahead of time how to pronounce the name of your destination in Korean, it would help a lot with the taxi driver. For example, I am in the COATEL HOTEL (pronounced co-ah-tell).
  • If the driver has no idea what you’re talking about, write it out for them, it’s easier for them to read something in English than to listen.
  • Still nothing? Get the phone number of the place in advance so that the driver can call and ask for the location of your destination (probably the best option to use after telling the driver where you want to go and figuring out if the driver speaks English).

Wanna take a bus/subways instead? For the Coatel Hotel at least, it’s located in Gangnam and the airport bus doesn’t go by there. So you would have to stop at a near by subway station and take the subway over to Gangnam station and then walk to the hotel. If you get lost, I suggest having the name and address of your hotel written on a piece of paper so you can go into a shop or 7-11 and ask for directions. I can’t really help much on how to ask properly in Korean where a place is, but you can point at your piece of paper and say eodi (pronounced uh-dee, means where in Korean). 

Well, that’s it for now folks! Until next time!


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