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The Alien Registration Card (ARC) and Escalators

on February 24, 2013

What’s up? The ARC! What’s that? Read the title!! So the ARC is something that you need to get within 90 days of arriving in Korea to work. Without this, you basically can’t do all the important stuff. I know I know, there are plenty of important things, like pie. What could I mean? Three major things you can’t get if you don’t have your ARC: a cell phone, internet in your apartment, open a bank account that can transfer money home. 

Now, I say open a bank account that can transfer money home instead of just open a bank account because a friend of mine told me that she was able to open a bank account with just her passport. However, the problem was that she wouldn’t be able to send money home if she needed.

Cell phone. You can get a cell phone if you have a friend from Korea who is willing to help you out in the beginning and help you get a cell phone (yes you have to go with them). I recommend just waiting anyways to get a cell phone just because it’s a good idea since you want to shop around and get a good idea of the prices. 

Internet in your apartment? Do you really want to spend all your time in a coffee shop every time you want to use your laptop to check Facebook? Exactly.

Where and how do you get your ARC? You have to do this in the city that you work for, so the earliest you can apply would be when you arrive at your city. Your branch manager should be the one handling this. How long does it take? No idea! I haven’t tried yet. Leave me a comment and i’ll update you guys!

Time for the fun topic! Escalators!!!!!

The escalators in Seoul are just like any other escalators. I assure you.

HOWEVER!!!! The escalators with a yellow line mean that if you’re not moving, you should stand to the side. People who are in a rush or just want to move faster on the escalator tend to come on the left. These people are not going to stand behind you and hope that you move. My friend pretty much go shoved out of the way by an older Korean lady on the down escalator (so dangerous…). 

But there you have it! Until next time!


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