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Life in Hwaseong Dongtan as a Chungdahm April Teacher

Pics of what my apartment looked like

Hey all,

If you are reading this and hoping to ask me what it’s like in Korea now, I actually finished my contract in ~2014, however I do still have friends there if you have any questions for them. I can still answer the basic questions, but things may have changed in the 2 years since I have left.

For anyone who is wondering about how big the apartments are, I can’t really speak for all apartments in Dongtan. I was told that my apartment was a pretty good size for a single person. I did appreciate that the bathroom shower had a divider and the whole bathroom wasn’t the shower (You’ll see that in some apartments, the bathroom is tiny and the shower is right next to the toilet. Good news is you can just wash your toilet lol).


The doorway from the inside. To the right is a cabinet for coats, shoes, and other items. To the left is the fridge, sink, and stove.


This is the view of the bathroom door from the room.


The size of my bed. Regular twin.


There was an area outside of the room like an enclosed landing that had the washing machine (no dryer, you have to hang dry) and a cabinet to store things. The windows opened, which was good for fresh air and for catching snowflakes in the winter~)


The bathroom. See how my shower was separated (sort of) form the rest of the bathroom? It was a good size.

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